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Advertising banners

You have probably come across these huge banners at some time, as it is well known, they are advertising media that are mainly used for promotional events.

The graphics are printed on a textile advertising canvas, although there are many different types of banner designs.

The main advantage of using tarpaulins is that you can print the graphic perfectly on both sides, although there are many others.

Commercial advantages of placing advertising banners

  • They offer greater visibility and can catch the attention of more people.
  • By placing it in a legible place, you can get them to notice your banner.
  • They are easily installed, their structure is screwed to the wall or held by pots, and with this it is also easy to uninstall, in case of changing the banner.
  • Its maintenance is cheap and simple.
  • They withstand weather conditions very well, as they are durable and resistant.
  • Easy to transport and assemble.

Luminous Banners Service in Málaga

Rótulos Luminosos
Illuminated Labels
Advertising Banners
vinilo para coches
Vehicle Signs
tótem publicitario
Advertising Totem
rótulo de neón
Neon Signs
tótem publicitario
Letras corpóreas
Corporeal Lettering
Façade Decoration

How can we take advantage of an advertising banner in our business?

Placing a banner is a good idea, but have you thought about going further? If you are looking for ideas to promote your business, we encourage you to continue reading. There are many types of banners, not only fabric, with a luminous banner you can make your business be promoted throughout the day and with it, it will be seen by people who, perhaps, only see it at night and have never stopped to look , so go ahead and use a led banner. This option is very versatile, since they can be of different shapes (square, round…) sizes and different colored light.

Banners without lights are cheaper, so a very good and economical option is to use mockup banners, and being customizable, you can adapt the content to your liking. Wooden banners can give that rustic and traditional touch that many people are looking for and can attract more people than you think.

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Where can I get a customizable banner?


At Printshop we are specialists in customizable banners, through our website you can contact us, tell us about your case, and we will advise you without problems.

Because we not only manufacture, but also carry out installations and after finishing the work, the maintenance is carried out by ourselves. Normally, all the work we do is in Malaga, but we operate in the rest of Andalusia.

Price of banners

The banners do not have a standard price, since it depends on their size, the type of design that will be printed, if it will go to the outskirts of the city or if it will be placed on a street, if it will be illuminated with LED light or if it will be without light. There are endless combinations, so if you want to know how much your banner might cost, we recommend you contact us and we will give you a free quote, helping you choose from a large number of models that we have.

If you want to give your business greater visibility and stand out in front of your potential customers, without a doubt a light banner will give you the necessary boost to achieve it. At Printshop we are experts in the manufacture, installation and maintenance of signs in Malaga, contact us and request your budget today without obligation.

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Producción gráfica 360º




Producción gráfica 360º