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Anti-covid19 screens

Importance of installing anti-covid screens in shops

Shortly after the containment in March 2020, in addition to being equipped with masks and keeping a safe distance, hospitals were the first to install these anti-covid screens to prevent the virus from continuing to spread in such a wild manner.

After the lifting of the confinement, with the respective restrictions, little by little all businesses and commercial premises began to take the measure of putting up these protective screens.

Are these anti-contagion screens really effective?

Yes, absolutely. It is one of the most anti-contagion elements, as it protects both any customer and the shop assistant where the protective screen is placed. In this way we can live a relatively normal life, for the duration of the pandemic.


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What are these screens like and how do they work?

This is a thick piece of plastic, with two supports to keep it upright. If it is going to be placed in a shop with only one employee, installing one between the employee and the customer is enough, but if we are talking about work stations that are close to each other, a screen should be placed between the stations to avoid contact and exchange of viruses between workers.

Its operation is very simple, we just have to stand in front of the protective screen for the counter and talk to the other person, which is the screen between the clerk and the customer. Some of them include a small gap to pay and avoid much more contact.

Also, after lifting the confinement and being able to reopen bars and restaurants, many protective screens were installed to avoid contact between tables of some customers and others.

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Where to buy these protective screens?

At Printshopdigital we are specialists in this type of product. We are able to offer made to measure coronavirus protective screens. We offer our services mainly in Malaga but depending on the size of the project we can operate throughout Andalucia.

With a simple phone call or email we will find the best solution for your business. We will advise you and look for the most suitable solution, with a free no obligation quote.

What is the price of anticovid screens?

As it is a made-to-measure material, the price varies according to the dimensions and manufacture required for the partition. For example, a partition for a shop, which requires openings to receive payments, is not the same as a series of partitions without openings for a row of workers.