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Corporeal letters

Corporeal letters in Malaga, as the name itself indicates, are letters that have a body, a 3D typeface that has been designed to catch the eye.

They are made of different materials: depending on the characteristics of these, they can be used for more or less varied uses.

At Printshop we have been transferring the essence of our clients’ businesses to their signs with corporeal letters for years, capturing the essence of the business and transmitting it to their customers.

Letras corpóreas

Corporeal lettering service in Malaga

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Illuminated Labels
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Advantages of installing corporeal letters in your business

  • They can be used indoors: they are perfect to highlight certain spaces, or to create brand identity.
  • They are also a good option for outdoors: they combine very well with different finishes, and some models even include a light so that they can be seen at night, or when the weather conditions outside are not too good.
  • They can be large letters for labels, uppercase, lowercase, giant letters…
  • Another very common use of decorative corporeal letters is in fairs and various events. These letters attract the attention of the attendees, at the same time that they serve to decorate. They can be easily moved, being very practical to use in future events and can even be placed in height, thus being an element that will make a difference.

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What materials and types of corporeal letters exist?

The corporeal letters of PCV are characterized by their great resistance. They are rather recommended for those companies or events that need to place letters outside without damaging them.

We have personalized PVC corporate letters.

The corporate steel letters designed in stainless steel powerfully attract attention due to their brightness and how elegant they are in the title.

This material is timeless and will give a good image to any brand.

In addition, it withstands better than any even the most extreme environmental conditions (such as rain, humidity, the direct and continuous impact of the sun’s rays, etc.).

Illuminated, backlit or lighted corporeal letters are ideal to be read at night, on cloudy days, with fog, rain, or in rather extreme conditions.

They can be found in different types: for example, backlit corporeal letters are a big trend.

These fonts are very aesthetic. They achieve a very fine visual effect, so they are perfect for creating a brand.

This is the reason why most companies prefer these corporeal letters.

We have illuminated or luminous methacrylate corporeal letters.

Discover our range of 3d corporeal letters. We offer a design service for normal 3d letters and capital letters.

If you need any other material such as cardboard, sheet metal, cork or polystyrene, contact us and we will inform you.

We are a sign company in Malaga and we specialize in corporeal letters. Take a look at our catalog of letter signs and you will see how you find what you are looking for.

What we do with corporeal lettering

Rótulos Luminosos
Letras corpóreas
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