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Menu Cards

Menu Cards

Choosing the menu that best suits your cuisine is no easy task. Making this decision takes time and requires good advice and viewing a wide variety of samples. There are menus as well as styles of cuisine as rich, evocative and elaborate.

The timing and the diner’s experience must always be taken into account. When the menu is delivered or if the menu is already on the table.

If the menus are long, make sure that the diners are comfortable with them in their hands and that they are easy to read. Awaken their senses through the materials, reflecting whether it is a rogue cuisine or a more elaborate one.

If it is a kitchen that changes every season, let its menus also change with each season in terms of shape, colour or texture.

Consideration should be given to service, i.e. where the cards are stored and how they are cleaned after each use, whether they are indoors or on a terrace or whether they are exposed to the sun or humidity.

At Printshop we have a wide range of finishes to inspire you that will make you want to try the dishes presented… our menu is sure to go well with your cuisine.

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