Haven’t you invested in a photo mural for your company yet? The fact that a customer enters your company and comes across a large wall mural is very interesting; from the start, his attention will be focused on it.

In the following lines we will show you all the advantages of betting on wall murals for companies:

What are the advantages of placing a personalised photo mural in your company?

If you go for a design that really fits the brand image, you will make a big impression. For example, we could be referring to a black and white mural, as these are two colours that go well with a serious and modern brand image.

The placement of the mural has to be identified with the image of the brand, as this is the only way to transmit exactly what you need the customer to identify.

it has been proven that a customised collage mural, or any other type of mural, can positively affect the emotions of customers. An image that has high dimensions will invite people to pass by. It will appeal to their emotions and it will be easier to complete the call to action.

Not only can they be useful to fit in a commercial space or sales area. They can also be used as a decorative format for a meeting room, a conference room or even a group work space. A woodland mural could be used to create a much more open space.

it is also an element that has a great weight in the decoration of the room. They can be used on their own to decorate large spaces. We could be talking about a flower mural that brightens up the room.


We must remember that they not only have commercial advantages, but they can also be placed in any other place, such as a child’s room. In this case, we will look for a children’s wall mural that adapts to the style we want to achieve.

If you have already decided to enjoy all these advantages of the wall mural, it is time to choose the one that fits the values of the company and place it in a logical place, which attracts and meets the expectations.